Step By Step Procedure For Order Placement

SETP 1 :

  • Click on the product that you are interested in.

  • Click the “Order On Add To Cart ” button.

  • Check Your Email for Your Order Processing Invoice.

  • If you need to pay using PayPal, send me your Paypal ID and a screenshot of your Order processing Invoice then we will share you an invoice link on your email.

  • Share your paypal ID and screenshot of your order processing invoice on Attached Whatsapp Messanger.

SETP 2 :

After receiving the shipping details, We will send you payment instructions to pay your invoice. (Paypal Invoice or Bank Details whichever you prefer)
After payment confirmation, We will confirm the order.
Once the order is processed, We will provide order tracking number for easy tracking of your delivery.

SETP 3 :

If you don’t know how to track the express delivery. Please tell me your order number. Or the name of the recipient you ordered. This way I can help you with your requests.

Order Through Email:

You can order through email also.

  • Send us screenshot of the product.
  • Enter your shipping details.
  • We will send payment instructions to pay your invoice.
  • After payment confirmation is done, we will confirm your order for processing.
  • Once order processing is done, you will receive the Tracking Number of your package.

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